Electrolysis, a permanent solution

Superfluous hair on the face and body has a negative psychological effect on a lovely person. If you have such a problem, introduce yourself to an electrologist. A complimentary and confidential consultation is available. 

Electrolysis is not an overnight miracle process. It does require time and patience to overcome the problem, but then the problem itself did not develop overnight. The improved physical appearance and emotional attitudes are so rewarding, it is worth the time and effort spent.

Many women try to improve their appearance by bleaching, tweezing, shaving, waxing and other temporary measures to help rid themselves of this unsightly and unwanted hair. But that’s just what they are - temporary - and as long as the hair continues to grow on your body, it will be on your mind. 

If superfluous hair is your problem, a Licensed Electrologist will be happy to arrange for an appointment to explain how electrolysis can offer you permanent relief.

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Where can electrolysis be done safely?

On every part of the body except  inside the ears and nose and in  warts and moles.


Is electrolysis painful?

There is some sensation during the treatment; however, the degree depends on each individual’s tolerance. There is no discomfort after treatment.

Is electrolysis new?

No. Successful electrolysis treatments have been recorded in medical journals since 1875.

How is the hair removed?

A tiny probe is inserted into the follicle to the dermal papilla (the seed from which the hair grows) and destroys it so that it cannot produce another hair.

What causes superfluous hair?

Hormonal disturbances (the onset of puberty, pregnancy and menopause to name a few) and heredity are the major factors; however, superfluous hair can also be linked to some types of medication or even stress.

Do you use a needle?

No. An extremely fine wire, smaller than the hair itself, is inserted into the follicle to the dermal papilla, the “seed” from which the hair grows.

Is electrolysis expensive?

The cost is moderate when compared with many other beauty treatments. It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom from unwanted hair.


How do I choose a competent  electrologist?

Just like you would choose any professional. Make sure the electrologist uses a permanent method. Shortwave, galvanic, or the blend (the preferred method) are the only permanent methods in use today. Make an appointment with a Licensed Electrologist and request a free consultation and demonstration. You should feel comfortable in the office and with the electrologist. You should receive a complete explanation of how electrolysis works and why hair grows. Your demonstration of electrolysis should not cause you undue discomfort.

What about the laser? 

The laser methods available have been FDA approved as a method of permanent hair “reduction.” It will not work with blonde, red or gray hair since the laser needs to follow the melanin, or color, in the hair to destroy it. It also is ineffective if you have darker skin and darker hair as the laser cannot differentiate between the color of your hair and the color of your skin. Many clients find they still need electrolysis after the laser treatments are completed.